Patricia Calvo, better known by her stage name, "Pattyclover" is an up and coming figure in the turntablism world. Over the past four years she has gained notoriety in DJ battle circles for her incredible scratch skills and captivating stage presence.

How it all began

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Patty played the piano and dedicated time to learning the craft of music. Her music took center stage during her senior year in high school as well as taking classes at the local community college. Inspired by the sounds of EDM pioneers Paul Van Dyke and Tiesto, she began to take production classes at her local DJ shop, Astro Audio Video& Lighting in Glendale, CA. It was there she learned the principles of DJ'ing and soon began competing at Astro's local DJ battles. Honing her skills through live competition, she started to receive recognition by the local hip-hop community. Soon PattyClover began dropping sets for B Real TV, the B-Sideshow, Rane, Scratch Academy LA, and Skratch pad LA, to name a few.

Where she's going

This past year Patty posted her first all vinyl scratch routine video on Facebook that immediately went viral with 1.1 million views. Patty currently teaches a wide range of students at Astro Avl and is working in conjunction with Rsrchdvlmnt designing a line of PattyClover exclusive apparel. Many people enjoy watching her break down on the decks and her killer smile. Patty's dedication and her persistence in learning new techniques guarantees you will be seeing much more of her in 2016 with commitments to play DMC and the Red Bull three style competitions.